Rules For Good Fitness

7 simple tips to start improving your energy for natural fat loss: 
  1. Drink water regularly throughout the day – shoot for 1 gallon
  2. Try and consume some lean, healthy organic protein at every meal
  3. Look at your stress levels & your recovery, do they need adjustment?
  4. How are you overusing your mind in your life? …if you think your brain doesn’t deplete body energy, think again
  5. Make a goal of your vegetable intake by increasing your servings by 1-2 more than you’re already doing now – commit to make it happen consistently for 4 weeks then reassess your game plan – notice measurable shift in your energy
  6. Think about how many ways you overwhelm your body right now with toxic chemicals in your home – plan a clutter clear out & switch to some natural products
  7. Breathe… YES, you heard right – check your breathing, are you breathing or holding your breath? Oxygen delivery is critical to good energy


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