Tips For Starting Workout on a First day in Gym

Don't Go Fast

First Day at gym, probably means you had to shift a few things around in your life. You’re now on the way of stronger bones, bigger muscles and increased strength. With that lifting weights can cause injury if done improperly or too often. Proper form and the correct volume are essential.

As a workout beginner, your muscles have no idea what’s going on. If you want your gym experience to be proper, do only three or four exercises your first day. This way you won’t be overly sore and can recover more effectively for another workout. Slowly work your way up to lift heavier weights with perfect form.

Start With Big Muscles

Four of the biggest muscle building lifts are the barbell squat, deadlift, overhead press and bench press. Do one of these lifts first, then follow up with assistance excercise to build maximum strength, size and power. For example, bench press first for a few sets, then, do another chest exercise, this time one that is a singe joint movement. Doing one "push" exercise like a bench press or squat followed by one "pull" exercise like a leg curl or lat pulldown is surefire way to build up your back and chest evenly. Since it's your first day, use the push/pull exercise order to leave no muscle behind.

Eat Proper Nutrition

Repair your muscles with proper nutrients is the most important thing you can do after you’ve finished weightlifting. Having a high protein meal and possibly even supplementing with a quality protein powder is your best course of action.

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