Painfull Joints? Give Glucosamine.

The Human Body

Has more than 200 Bones & more than 200 joints
That connect those bones.

1 out of 3 people going to the gym have joint-related pains. Bones & Joint Problems are one of the leading cause of disability in India.

Almost All Ligaments & Tendons swell and inflame after a hard weight training or cardio workout.

46% is the risk, in one's, lifetime to have osteoarthritis in the knee.

India is the second largest knee-osteoarthritis patient based globally.

Typical dose to start is 500 mg of Glucosamine, thrice a day.

Studies found that hyaluronic acid improve joint symptoms.

The Patient who were given GLUCOSAMINE saw improvement in joint comfort, stiffness, pain and general bone health.

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