The Protein Smoothie Guide For Everyone Can Follow

This the protein smoothie which can make at home to build your muscles.

1. Choose liquid for base.

Start with milk, water or juice. The liquid you use,  determines the thickness, texture and creaminess.
Note:- Add more liquid for thin smoothie and less if you want thicker.

2. Add Protein

    Whey Protein or Casein Protein ( Any Flavor )  Or 
    Plant Protein ( pea, rice, soy, etc.)

3. Add Vegetables

Smoothies are perfect way to sneak a vegetables. Our favourite is spinach as it has no noticeable flavor but pack with nutritional rocket.
      Green Supplement.

4.  Add Fruits

Fruits adds sweetness and textures as well as adds vitamins, minarals.

5.  Add Fillers
Blend this ingredients into the smoothie itself for extra flavor. Nuts are also packed with lot of calories and also it's adds flavor. 
       Chia Seeds
       Flax Seeds
       Nut Butter

6. Add Sweetener

Add little sweetener for great taste.
      Maple Syrup

Now you will have rich nutrients smoothie for best muscle build-up.

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