No Time For Going Gym - Don't Worry - Home Workouts To Do Without Gym Equipments

Upper-body workout without gym equipment:

Warm-up with 10 minutes of aerobic exercise (running, box jumps on a bench, jumping jacks, stair running, etc.)

Three sets of push-ups of 10-20 repetitions to warm up the upper body

Decline push-ups (feet up on a table or bentch ) 20, 20, 20, failure

Narrow hand position push-ups 20, 20, 20, failure

Chin-ups failure, failure, failure, failure

Dips failure, failure, failure, failure

Stretch after workout.

Here is a list of some non-equipment exercises into your exercise program. If you don't know any one or more of these exercises by name, search it on the Internet to you will get information about it.

Lower Body Exercises:

Walking Jogging, Running, Sprinting, Hiking, Jumping, Climbing, Squats, Lunges, Wall sits, Stair climbing, Box jumps, Jumping rope, Lateral side-steps.

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Upper Body Exercises:

Chin-ups, Pull-ups, Dips, Push-ups, Static holds, Hand stands, Wall push-ups, Bridge push-ups, Lifting heavy objects, Bouldering and rock climbing, Pulling or Pushing movements.

Core Exercises:

Crunches, Sit-ups, Leg lifts and leg raises, Bridge static holds, Yoga poses, Pilates exercises.

Total body workout without gym equipment:

Warm-up with 10 minutes of aerobic exercise (running, jumping jacks, box jumps on a bench, stair running, etc.)
Three sets of push-ups of 10-20 reps to warm up the upper body.

Run for 3 miles at a moderate pace.

Push-ups 20, 20, 20, 20, failure.

Sit-ups 30, 30, 30, 30, failure.

Squats 30, 30, 30, 30, failure.

Yoga poses or static holds for 10 minutes, with rest between sets.

Total Body Exercises:

Yoga poses, Jumping jacks, Star Jumps, Running, Sprinting, Mountain climbing, Sequence of a squat to a push-up to a jump, repeated Cross-Fit exercises using body mechanics only.

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  1. Eric Sargent14/01/2017, 11:28

    In this busy work schedule, when we don't have enough time for the workout, then it is quite better to learn some basic training on home exercise. This article describes a complete workout program for whole body structure. These instructions are really essential and helpful for the beginner, thanks for describing such wonderful instructions.
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    1. Thanks for your valuable reply. Please go through with other tips. You will increase your knowledge.


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