How You Can Invest In Essential Pieces Of Sexiest Fashion?

Here we will explain how you can spend your money on certain pieces of clothing to upgrade your wardrobe and style with minimal effort.

The Tailored Blazer. 

Investing in a blazer casual sport coat for evenings time is a great start of your evening. All you need is one or two depending that how social you are.

Select a blazer that is well made in a neutral color like black, creamy, brown and navy blue and also that suits your personal style.

Blazer Or Coat

The Sexy Shirt. 

Selecting an interesting shirt with some sort pattern or texture can often be a good starter. The pattern can be as attractive as a to bold with a colorful pinstripe or go with neon-tone stripe. 

Patterns of shirt are most important thing that it often a reflection of our personality. The perfect confident guy will look a tone-on-tone striped shirt while the going out and boisterous that is energetic and cheerful guy may be drawn to a bold pinstripe or color. 

Sexy Shirts

Here are some guide for shirts:

• When you are going to buy sport shirt. Remember that it can be long or short-sleeved.

• Remember that key of style works well to express you personality and fits your body frame.

• Make sure you have at least three oxford cotton shirts for dating clothes to be worn with jeans.

• Dress shirts have to be are more tailored, sizing should be precise and cuff falls ¼ of an inch below the sleeve.

• Have a some of chosen well-fitted sweaters, v-neck layered with T-shirts that looks a youthful look.

• NO Sports jerseys on date! These should only be good in front of other men on sports day…not on dates!!!

• No half way tucked in shirts it look sloppy.

• Add a little bright and decent color to your look. Avoid washed out and beige colors. Go for bold colors and jeweled tone.

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The Jeans and Pants. 

Most of the men select jeans that do not fit them properly. Men’s jeans are not the same as the jeans that you throw on your sofa. So pay careful attention to that it will properly fit around your waist, rear end and legs. Sew your jeans appropriately so that they are not look too long or too short because it can also make a difference in looking shorter or taller.

Jeans or Pants

 Here are some basic guide for pants

• Make sure that the jeans or pant should cover the top of the shoes and it should not have a lot of extra fabric.

• Do the waist test to look jeans or pant fitting or not. It will done by putting 2 fingers into the waistband. If you can not fit two or you can fit more than two, it is not the right fit.

• For jeans, consider a boot cut, easy fit or straight line leg but make sure that they fit your leg properly and are not look like loose. All of these cuts looks are great for a sporty look and casual look and are good idea to wear on dates to avoid looking too corporate stiff or overdressing. The darker wash is more polished for a first encounter,  for night time dates and dressier.

• For dress pants, there should be no bagginess in pants and be clean with a flat front. Absolutely NO pleats, which is look like outdated and looks especially bad if you have a bigger belly because they will add bulk to your look.

• For first dates or for an impressions, avoid Khakis especially if you are meeting in an evening. They scream casual and just not give you sexy look. Instead, go for the updated fashion jeans that fit you very well.

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The Shoes. 

The first thing noticed is this when a man walks into a room are his shoes. Overall, women like men’s shoes that are taken care of carefully and polished gently. Invest your money in at least one cool pair of  going out shoes. If you are going to spend more money on any fashion piece, do it with for your shoes. Whether it be a boot, loafer or lace up in brown or black, select a shoe that looks modern and sleek. Avoid square or rounded tip toes and large rubber soles. 


Here are some guidelines for shoes:

• For a casual, hip sneaker to be wear for day time affairs, check out ones that add some stylish look and personality like Sperry, Converse and John Varvatos. They are not only trendy but also comfortable too. Wear modern multi colored sneaker with any wash jeans and your favorite t-shirt and you got a casual but perfect stylish look.

• Black ankle boots are best for business wear. It looks cool that you are paying attention to your professional look. You can't wear them with shorts!

• The sleek loafer is very stylish for warmer climates and come with more curved angles and smaller rubber soles. You can throw on a pair of jeans or slacks with these babies.

• Finally, the classic look of an Oxford shoes never goes out of style. This shoe is the perfect pair for your formal functions to look sophisticated and slick. Don’t dare to wear them with jeans. Mixed dressy and casuals look lil bit confusing.

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