Impress Anyone In Just First 30 Seconds Of Meet

You know that "First Impression Is The Last Impression". According it your first impression is done in first 30 seconds of your meeting, dating or an interview. People start conversation with you based on what you look like, and they decide whether they want to get to know you.. 

In fact, 55% of the impression is based on appearance so you can increase the odds of your dating success by 55% percent by paying attention to the clothing that you wear.

Women will look at you and then they decide instantly whether they are going to continues conversation or interested in getting to know more about you. They Immediately make assumptions and judgments based on how you are dressed and what your body language says. Your style can tell a story about you.

In this article, you’ll learn some of the quickest, easiest and most efficient tips in getting your new personal style.

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Tip 1 :- Confidence

Confidence. It sounds so simple, but it is about expressing it in the way you talk and being comfortable with who you are, the way you walk, the clothes you wear and  your attitude. There are a lot of different components that make a man feel confident. Do you notice that how some clothes make us feel less confident while others seem to empower us? 

Wearing a confident apparel can make you feel that you can meet any person. Buy only the apparel that you know you will put on over and over again because they make you feel self assured person and also fantastic. Wearing attractive apparel with confidence makes you feel different about yourself and makes other people treating you differently. 

The clothes which a man chooses and the image that is described can give you the edge in business, help you attract woman, make you more respectful and help gain respect that’s what we
like. Here are some easy tips in creating a confident attitude and look.

Notice the outfits

The garments that you use regularly to put on over and over again because you it's like the way it makes you feel. Pay attention to that clothes about you like. It could be the color cut, or even the way the fabric feels. Once you guess those components,then you can apply them in future purchases. 

Make sure your clothes are well pressed and clean. 

It’s important to look clean and polished. People notice when you are caring about your presentation and that you spend the time to have your clothes in attractive shape. Be careful that you are not wearing things that have frayed threads, holes and wrinkles, which may send the wrong message to people.

What you can’t fix.

 A lot of guys gets fixated on features they don’t like. Instead of doing complaining about it or covering it up, own it because that is what we women find something different and sexy about you. It’s because you are so comfortable in your own skin and that you actually you can have that feature up in a way you can own.

Tip 2 :- Dress with Updated Fashion 

Your apparel should be age appropriate but at the same time modern and youthful. It is so important that your style with up-to-date fashion and not similar of past. Often men stay stuck in their outdated style when it's no longer complimentary for their age or body. Instead of that pay attention to the new fashion trends, buy clothes that fit and perfect for your body and let your wardrobe looks great with time.

Tip 3 :- Pay Attention To Your Good Hygiene

Because men don’t do makeup, hygiene is very more important for a healthy and successful look. Always keep your skin clear, clean and taken care of. Don’t go out of the home in a wrinkled shirt that has not been washed in a week, and make sure you always smell your best with a fresh shower.
Try to wear a warm scent. Avoid anything sweet or cheap. 

Don’t overkill your masculine scent by mixing smells together or wearing too much cologne. When you lean in to give your girl a kiss on the cheek or a hug, you don’t want her gasping for air. Have a clean skin. 

If you face is dry moisturize it throughout the day. Wash and smoothly rub your skin to remove dead skin cells. Make sure that you don’t have bad breath.

Tip 4 :- Be  a Well Groomed

Something to keep in mind is that women spend a lot of time for makeup and will appreciate when you put extra effort into the way you groom your hair. Have your eyebrows waxed and trimmed to ensure they are two separate eyebrows instead of one. Just be sure you present your facial hair in a polished way and clean. 

NO EAR HAIR AND EAR HAIRS! Finally, your head hair should be in an updated style that frames your face very well. If you are self conscious of greys coming in your hair and don’t feel confident showing them, cover up the grey hairs. Make sure that you well comb your hair, use gel looks well kept.

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Tip 5 :- Get Some Accessories. 

Stylish accessories are a must and very important, and it's not just for women! Accessories actually can make a stunning look. For men, we’re talking about nice watches, quality eyewear, leather belts and wallets in good repair. Nice and smart accessories can instantly change your a dull outfit or the overall look good entirely and can be a symbol of status. 

If you are going to spend a money on something, spend it on best quality accessories. The details often make a good impression on anyone so make your look work for you and create less work for yourself. 

Here are quick guidelines on accessories:


For men, jewelry should be kept to a minimum. Avoid wearing too many chains, heavy chains, bracelets or rings. Jewelry is a personal taste, so choose something that is unique, simple and specific to you. Also, make sure you know that what metals look stunning on your skin tone.
How to impress :- Jewelry


There is something very sexy about a man with a great and smart looking watch. Women often see
a watch as a status of men and the accessory is interpreted as something that confident men wear. While it need not be a any costly watch at least not any fake ones. 

It should not be out of a cheesy souvenir store either. It is very possible to get nice watches without thinking about price tag through online shopping sites and it still looks great. It is advisable to have two different occasion watches one for casual wear, other for dressier occasions.
How to impress :- watches

Eye wear

First and last get the right style frames that are fit your face and suits you. Your face and specially your eyes are the first place that women look at so the when you are choosing eye wear you choose must that frame balance out your face shape. When you do it correctly, a pair of glasses can modernize your image, give you a certain perfection and help you look effortlessly sexy and stylish for the ladies. 

Glasses on men should be kept classic and simple. Think about proportion and scale but also keep in mind that the frame color shouldn’t be too disturb your skin tone and hair color. For example, if you have dark color hair, go for dark grey or silver tones. Conversely, if you are fair skin and light hair, consider brown color frames rather than black.
How to impress :- Glasses

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