What Clothes Look Best On You According To Your Body Type?

Men's Fashion

All men's are not have equal look when it comes to their body type. As result of having curves of body, male bodies may differ in size less in form than women’s bodies, but if you know how to dress for your perfect and best body type also which styles to be avoid that is unsuitable to you is the key to understanding what looks best on you.

One thing to always keep in mind when shopping for apparel is that the fit and cut of the clothes is its ultimate test. What good is an expensive jacket like Armani if it isn’t perfect and right for your body? It’s going to look very bad no matter what the cost it is.

Vice versa, a cheaper jacket that look more noticeable assets and camouflages the things you don't care for about yourself will make you look cleaned and great even without a high cost.

Moreover, what looks good on your friend that doesn’t mean it will necessarily look good on you. So to learn few thing about how to dress for your body type and find that the which clothes that are most pleasing for you.

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Here is a quick tips to see what your body type is so that you know what to wear and what to avoid

The Bulky Man

If you got a belly then you need to find clothes that make compliment the middle area. Many people mistakenly think that tight wear will cover imperfections and flatten out belly. Not so. However, large clothes will also make you look more bigger.

The secret to give a look of lean is to choose clothes that are not also not tight, meaning that your clothes will just hide your belly without hugging it too closely.

Here is what to avoid:

  • Double-vented jackets
  • Horizontal stripes
  • Bulky cable knits
  • Tucking shirts in
  • Baggy or Over sized clothes
  • Pleated pants
  • Turtlenecks
  • Loud prints

Instead of above go for:

  • Pinstripe dress shirts that draw the eye downward
  • Vertical stripes 
  • V-neckline shirts
  • Shirts with open narrower collars
  • Relaxed and fitted jeans with a slightly flare at the bottom
  • Single breasted jackets
  • Flat panel on pants
  • Wear monochromatically

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The Skinny and Tall Man

No woman wants a man who looks like he’s withering away or thinner than they are so if you are tall and thin, choose clothes that will add bulk and interest to your body frame.

Here is what to avoid:
  •  Vertical stripes
  •  Monochromatic looks
  •  Untucked shirts and loose-fitting
  •  Oval-toed shoes or pointy shoes
  •  Jackets which is end at the waist
Instead of above go for:
  •  Double and longer breasted jackets
  •  Horizontal lines across the part of chest that will adds bulk look across your shoulders and  makes you look broader
  •  Different color instead of all one color.
  •  Straight and lower-cut jeans
  •  Padded jackets which is with pockets.

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The Short Man

What is so great about customizing your wardrobe, is that there are immediate things you can change to make you feel taller and more confident. 

Here is what to avoid:

• Round toed shoes
• Big prints that is not appropriate to your body
• Long rises in your jeans or pants that can make the crotch part look empty and baggy.
• Thick ties

Instead of above go for:

• Longer-toed shoes which is with a heel having like dress boots
• Smart accessories which is to distract from your height
• Wear a small rise in the pants or jeans to elongate your legs
• Take a slimmer tie
• Vertical patterns
• Skinny and straight-legged jeans.

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