You Should Definitely Try These All Shoulder Workouts

Seated Shoulder Press Workout is the perfect shoulder mass blaster. 

Shoulder Press remains the father of all shoulder workout to build round and big shoulder muscles. 

Purpose:- To Build Muscle Mass in the shoulders.

Seated shoulder press is the favourite shoulder workout with bodybuilders as it builds muscle faster than ever.

Technique:- For this workout you can use machine or dumbbells to perform shoulder press. Dumbells  are best way. But if you are getting injury when doing this workout by dumbbells then prefer machine  for it.

Seated Shoulder Press Workout

Machine Shoulder Press Workout

Machine Shoulder Presses is an excellent workout to build side and front deltoid muscles. Check the perfect technique and improve your delts. Machine Shoulder Presses has two benefits over dumbbells presses

1. It makes a very perfect movement as the bar is fixed to the rack.

2. It allows you to take the weights to go much lower position which it will providing a very good stretch to front deltoid muscles.

 Technique:- Machine Shoulder Press workout is done on a Shoulder press machine. 

Machine Shoulder Press Workout

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Side Lateral Raises

Side Lateral Raises is the best workout to build side deltoids. Check out how to perform side deltoid raises.

Purpose:- To Build middle deltoid muscle.

Make a Side Lateral Raises a regular part of your shoulder workout. 

Technique:- Its a very important workout and This workout is performed using a pair of dumbbells. 

        Side Lateral Raises

Front Dumbbell Raises

Front Dumbbell Raises are an excellent workout to isolate front deltoid Muscle.

Purpose:- To Build Muscle Mass in the front deltoids. A high range exercise works exceptionally well for the front head of Deltoids. 

Technique:- Front Dumbbell Raises workout can be done standing as well as seated with a pair of dumbbells. Seated version is very perfect form and it prevents cheating. This workout is done in an alternating movement. 

Variation:- This workout can also be done with both hands at a one time called Double Dumbbell front raises.

Front Dumbbell Raises

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Dumbbell Shoulder Press is an Excellent Workout to build side and front deltoid muscles. 

Dumbbell Shoulder Press is an excellent alternative to Barbell Shoulder Press and dumbbells allow a full range of moving up and down, dumbbell press is a very significant workout to build side and front deltoid muscles. 

Purpose:- To Build Muscle Mass in side and front of deltoids. 

Technique:- This workout is performed seated on a bench or standing with a dumbbell in each hand.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

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Arnold Dumbbell Press Workout

Arnold Dumbbell Shoulder Press is an excellent workout for maximum muscle building workout. 
When it comes to the best workout with the best range of motion for shoulder muscles, Arnold dumbbell press is unique and also it stands out from the crowd.

Purpose:- To Build Muscle Mass in the side and front heads of the deltoids

Arnold dumbbell pess is an excellent alternative workout to Shoulder Dumbbell press and it can be used to blast up your workouts.

Technique:- This workout is done by standing with a pair of heavy dumbbells.

Upright Rows to Build Traps

Upright Rows is an excellent workout to Build Big Trapezius muscles and make that delto-pectoral separation which bodybuilders are mad for it.

Purpose:- To Build Muscle Mass in Trapezius Muscles

Technique:- You can use either a Smith Machine for this workout, dumbbells or cable machine to perform Upright Rows. 

Grips:- Upright Rows can be done with both wider grips and narrow ones. The wider grip focuses on entire shoulder girdle and  narrow focuses on Trapezius. Also the wider grip allows you to some cheating movement because of that allowing you to lift more weight. 

Cable Upright Rows 
Cable Upright Rows are also and excellent alternative where you use a cable machine instead of barbell. The perfect form and constant resistance makes this workout more effective.

                Upright Rows

Bent Over Lateral Raises

Bent Over Laterals are an excellent workout to isolate and work on rear deltoid muscles. For a complete Shoulder Muscle development bent over lateral raises are a you should do workout. Thus this workout hit specifically the rear deltoid head, isolating it great than any other shoulder workout.

Technique:- This workout can be performed both standing and seated with dumbbells pair and also you can use cable machine for this workout.

Bent Over Lateral Raises

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