Profile Picture Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Professional Life

Profile Picture Mistakes
Profile Picture Mistakes

Profile pictures that is display picture known as DP is getting first chance to make good impression on anyone. A good and genuine profile picture will make trust between people who is searching about you. Here are few mistakes which make people when using profile pictures.

First Mistake

Many people not choose any profile picture on their Facebook profile, LinkedIn profiles, Google Profiles etc. In this digital world using a photo makes personalizes your profile and helps others who is looking for you between them create a human connection to you. It also shows that you are confident in your abilities and having confident in you. Did you know that, most people while searching peoples ignore profiles which are without pictures. Plus, when connecting with your old colleagues and schoolmates, they may recognize your scary face faster than they recognize your name.

Second Mistake

If you want to put full body profile picture on professional means corporate sites like LinkedIn. Size of profile photo box is nearly one square inch. So take a look at the photo on your driving license or passport. No full body pics there!

Third Mistake

Too much close to pic, it is possible to crop your photo as you want and too much. It always looks a little bad to see a square head. These kind of photos don’t attract people to you either, they won’t help to peoples who recognize you if we met or not.

Fourth Mistake

If you are using a logo as your profile picture, then you should know, company logos as profile photos are against some social sites like LinkedIn’s terms and conditions. Company logos are a great fit but it just not on your profile page. Instead of it, create a new company page, and put your logo as profile picture of that company page. Because profiles represent people and company pages represent company.

Fifth Mistake

For professional picture represents only about you. Why would you want to have your friend or just anyone person in your professional photo other than you? This makes it difficult to guess who is you?  Keep in mind that the purpose professional profile is to represent you and your expertise.

Sixth Mistake

We always love to take pictures with our friends, ours kids, our pets other family members but these kind of pictures don’t belong in your professional profile picture. These type of pictures are better suited for social network sites, like Facebook or Twitter. While family pictures are very decent and looks good in your office, or on your desk where you work, even they don’t tell us who you are as a business professional.

Seventh Mistake

Professional picture is not to show the pout lips or open body pictures. You need to come across as professional, authoritative and credible which your Professional Profile photo should convey, not that some holiday pics taken on the seating on the horse.

Eight Mistake

Cartoons, nature pics, any actor pic etc which is not you is bad choices for a professional profile photo. It will not easily put trust of anyone on you. So remember your own picture has to be your own profile picture in your professional life.

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