Are You Embarrassed By Your Style And Fashion Skills? Here’s 23 Tips What To Do.

Style is the key of an individuality. It's showing to the world about you, who you are. Even so, if you make some mistake related to style which will make look you an idiot, if you are not paying attention on your fashion skills and style. Here are some style and fashion tips for men's so you can avoid mistakes and looks more fashionable and stylish men.

1. Don't wear clothes which are in poor condition. For example, old clothes, broken clothes, stained, not washed and smelly clothes. You should avoid it.

2. Always match your shoes and belt color.

Style and fashion tips :- Belt with shoes
Style and fashion tips :- Belt with shoes

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3. Don't wear white socks. This is the most common mistake which people makes. You can only wear white socks when going for gym or going for running. Only on white pants you can use white socks.

Style and fashion tips :- White Socks
Style and fashion tips :- White Socks

4. Don't wear socks when you are wearing sandals. It looks bad.

Style and fashion tips: - Socks on sandals

5. It doesn't matter what type of clothes you are wearing. You should be comfortable with those outfits. If you are not comfortable with it then just stop wearing them or alternatively you can make those clothes comfortable to you.

6. Always match your socks with pants rather than matching with shoes.

Style and fashion tips: Socks tips

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7. Wear socks which are low cut when wearing shorts. They fit and look better than with your regular socks.

8. Wear max to max 3 colors at one time on body. You can wear more but it will look complicated and sometimes messy.

Style and fashion tips

9. Always keep last button unbuttoned for every blazer or every suit that you wear.

Style and fashion tips:- Unbuttoned suit
Style and fashion tips:- Last button unbuttoned suit

10. When you are wearing tie the length of tie should be up to belt. The ideal length is the tip of tie should reach middle of belt when you are in standing position.

11. Never wear wrinkled clothes.

12. If you are in shopping mall but you are not getting anything for your size. So you can buy something bigger. You will fill less comfortable in this new bigger outfit but later you can go to tailor to make it best adjustment for you.

13. Always pays attention on your facial hairs. Do shave regularly and also shave back of your heads. Trim your sideburns properly. These things are matter when you are in any event.

Style and fashion tips:- Beard Tips
Style and fashion tips:- Beard Tips

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14. Wear some accessories to show your personality. Try purchasing vests, bracelets, scarves, ties and bracelets rings etc. Find things that suits you and fits you.

Style and fashion tips
Style and fashion tips

15. Use hydrating cream for your skin. You can skip this if you have oily skin.

16. Don't wear gold accessories with silver accessories.

17. In casual mode, use at least one light color in your outfit and don't be afraid to stand out from the other crowd.

18. Get men's bags. It will looks very stylish and also it will empty your outfits pockets. Choose one of neutral color so that it will match with you others outfits.

Style and fashion tips :- Men's bags
Style and fashion tips :- Men's bags

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19. Get good haircut. Your hairs are surrounds your face so it will give you good advantage if you know how you can fix you hairs.

Style and fashion tips: Best Hair Cut

20. Don't wear black suit with brown shoes.

21. Don't leave formal shirts with untucked.

22. The length of shirt's sleeves little over the your wrists. The blazer's sleeve never go over the wrists because you have to show the shirt's sleeves 1 or 2 inch visible.

Style and fashion tips: Suit and blazer tips
Style and fashion tips: Suit and blazer tips

23. Don't use too much perfume because it will throw opposite effect on who are around you.

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