How to motivate myself by stop giving a fuck

Do you know it's very common thing to give a fuck about what people thinks about you and also it's natural to wait for the approval of the people for work or for anything. But do you know doing this again and again can cause serious effects on your lifestyle.

When you demotivate yourself so many times about what strangers will think about you, that time you are feeling like insecure in public areas. When you give too many fucks about what will your family thinks about your career, you might like you don't care about your job.

Here some tips to free your mind from negative thoughts by stop giving fuck to people.

First thing to remember understand why every time the opinion of the someone doesn't matter. It's useless to worry about it. In the whole world you are not the only one person who thinks about what people thinks about you.

So when you see someone is looking at you and also judging you then just thinks they are probably busy to worrying about what people think about them.

Here is another thing to remember that your expectations does not stops even you got what you want

Got promotion in your work. You feel very fantastic for some days, but after few days you will be back at normal and still fighting to get promotion again.

Some one said nice compliment to you. You will feel great for few minutes but after these you will start worrying about what others people thinks about you.

If you are always depend on approval which you are getting for you work and after getting it you feels good, that means you always worry to getting it and you will never be happy without it and incomplete without it.

Be a confident. The best way to motivate yourself is to get lifestyle which you can proud of it. It's best way to stop giving fuck to anyone about what other thinks about you.

Get some good habits for you. Do things whatever you love to do like if your gym lover then do workout, love to travel then go with your friends on long tour or long ride, do playing football, basketball, cricket and some other games to divert your mind from your busy schedule.

Just keep comfort to you whatever lifestyle you made for you.

Always set your own goal. If you act like your goals you will automatically stop worrying about what people thinks about you.

Also you can take benefits of nature just walk in park  and let nature refresh your mind from negative thoughts.

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