These Rainy Day Outfit Ideas can Impress Girls

Suppose you have to go out and suddenly it starts raining, what would you wear?

These Rainy Day Outfit Ideas Can Make Your Style Rain Proof
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Definitely it’s not easy to dress in a rainy day. The problem is getting wet in rain also muddy roads, water-logged area, crowded trains, etc. These problems gives stain on clothes, color wash and if you get wet in rain cloths become heavier and smells a lot. 

To avoid these problem we use rain resistant gear like raincoat and jackets. But even wearing these we have problem as being water resistant gear they are air resistant too, we feel hot and start sweating.

Confused right so many things we have to deal with. A proper planning is required for these problem. 

But don’t worry here are some tips for dressing in rainy season.
Remember your clothing should be comfortable and fashionable.

Before choosing a pair of cloths we have to consider few things:-

Cloth material:

Wear light fabric cloths. If you get drench in rain they easily dry up. This is best thing about light fabrics. Also they are crumple free. Avoid silk or thick fabric. 

Its good to wear a light weighted long sleeves sweater underneath raincoat. Jeans are usually thick and once it get wet it becomes heave and itchy so it’s better not to wear such jeans. 

Try to wear shorts as it reduces risk of stains on your cloths.

In this grey environment bright and bold colors are the best option. Colors like Red, Black and navy blue, orange are best to go with. 

Black and brown are the best color for your lower half as the stain or muddy patches won’t be so noticeable. 

Colors like white, pistachio and sky blue are very risky to wear as stain marks on it may feel unpleasant.


Rain boots covers our feet completely and are water resistant also but they are most of time heave and not comfortable. They are risky to as they are not well fitted we may fall. 

Which make our cloth dirty and wet. I won’t say avoid rain boots but a nice pair may just works out. For a stylish look flip flops are the right ones. 

You get vibrant colorful pairs which matches your cloths. Same goes for sandals.

Rain resistant gear:

You just can’t rely on umbrellas as it won’t cover everything. 

Trench coat and above mid length jacket would cover most of your body and plus it will keep you warm. 

Select a darker shade coat because again stain patches won’t be noticeable. 

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