How breathing can help to reduce your stress level?

Breathing will reduce stress
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Reducing your stress is very difficult in this busy lifestyle.

Breathing is very important function of every living being which is controlled by the brain. Increasing stress level, according to that our breathing pattern and rate changes. This will hammer our body system.

Do you know we can change our own breathing, Science said that controlling our breathing can help to reduce and manage our stress level and health problems related to stress. Controlling breathing also used in different forms of meditation.

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The important aspect of breathing is to absorb oxygen from the air and throw out the carbon dioxide by the movement of our lungs. Muscle which is control the moment of our lungs are called diaphragm and the muscles between ribs.

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When our body is under stress, our breathing pattern changes. Normally, a person who is under stress takes small and shallow breath, using their shoulder instead of taking by diaphragm to move air in and our from their lungs. This form of breathing can create problems in the balance of gases which are present in body.

How relaxation works?

Consider person is relaxed mood, They breath slowly through their nose, These pattern repeating again and again will calm nervous system which can controls the body's functions.

Some physiological changed which caused after controlling breathing:
Lowered heart rate and blood pressure.
Reducing stress hormones in the blood.
Helps in muscle building by reducing lactic acid.
Balancing level of oxygen and carbon dioxide in blood.
Improved immune system.
Increased energy.

Some people finds that controlling on breathing can provokes hyperventilation ( breathing very fast ) and panic. If it's happening with you then you can try another way.

Breathing with your Abdominal

It's very good breathing technique to get relaxation. In this breathing breathing can shift from upper chest to abdominal. You will need strictly quiet environment with fresh air.

Sit properly and raise your rib cage to expand chest. Now place one hand on your chest and another one on your abdomen. Then just notice how your abdomen and chest moving while you are breathing. Concentrate on your breathing and try to breathing through nose. Your stomach and upper chest should be still allowing your diaphragm to work more with your abdomen instead of your chest.

Withing each breathing you are throwing tension from your body. Once you start breathing slowly and with your abdomen, enjoy the physical relaxation.

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